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Please note that for the last two days our Internet Service Provider has had  E-mail server issues and  has caused major E-Mail issues since Sunday.  We apologize for any delays in responding this has occurred.  The issue should be resolved by COB  11/15/2011.  Thank you.


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  1. Hi I am living in Japan but getting married in Remington VA on March 31st. Since there is next to nothing in Remington I would really like to have a stylist come to the wedding location (The Inn at Kelly’s Ford) to do the wedding party hair and nails. Would someone from your salon be able to do this? Could you recommend someone who could? I have been e-mailing other people for months and have not gotten a response from anyone. The wedding party consists of myself, three bridesmaids and a flower girl.

  2. hi,
    My hair is hard and black, African. It’s really stressing me especially when it comes to combing. It’s all natural and i have never thought of applying chemical to it. Do you think deep conditioning it is healthy for a natural hair?
    Lately i have the idea of adding extensions to it or sewing weave to it. I want it to have the most natural look as possible and i don’t want visual extension. How can you advice on the best method with the least risks as possible?
    I love your advice it’s detailed. Thanks in advance

    Best Regards

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