Priority After-Hour Support

After Hours Priority Support

It’s after normal business hours now, and you have a formal event to attend in the morning like a wedding, or perhaps, a job interview or some event where it is imperative you need to look your best!  You have been putting off scheduling your hair appointment due to your busy schedule, so either you decide to try a new Salon since your stylist was out of town on vacation, or perhaps you took matters in your own hands and decided to color your hair yourself.  Unfortunately the blond color you were wishing to attain is now a streaked orange color!  What are you to do?    

Whether it would be a bad Hairstyle or Color, whatever your emergency situation is, Cool Looks Salon Studio, will address these issues with their after hour support.  For your quickest response, please call our special Hotline #: (540) 693-6728 and one of our Senior Stylists will respond  within one (1) hour and address your special needs, and if needed will schedule you after normal business hours to fix  your situation.  It’s that simple!