Tips to keep your Hair Coloring Results Lasting Longer and Looking Healthier.

  How to keep  your Salon Hair Coloring results lasting Longer and Looking  Healthier!

Today over 75% of women are having their hair colored with a large growing percentage of men joining the ranks.  I am frequently questioned how can you get  hair color Salon results to  last longer?  The answer to this is easily addressed by following a few logical steps.

Well before I cover this first let me very briefly explain the science involved in Hair Coloring.   Permanent Hair Coloring is a string of chemical  reactions between your hair,  dye , Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach) , and ammonia along with other supporting additives. Hair Lightening and Permanent Coloring are basically the same process; both involve  the use of  Developer ( Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide).  Ammonia  opens up  the Hair shaft, and assists the Hydrogen Peroxide to oxidize your hair color.  Color (dye)  is simultaneously added and bonded to your Hair Cortex for lasting color.  The other ingredients in the  dye ( alcohols and conditioners) help close and seal and protect  your hair cuticle so the color lasts.

So try these suggestions to lengthen your Hair Coloring Results:

1.   The first thing you can do to prolong your recently colored hair starts right in your Salon.  Refrain from allowing your stylist to wash your hair with shampoo after your hair has just been colored .  Wash with conditioner for the next 48 hours.  This one tip will allow your coloring results to last weeks longer.

2.   Select products that specifically say they are  Sulfate free.  It is a proven fact that regular shampoos will  strip the color from your hair much quicker than Sulfate Free shampoos. Preferably, use  a Sulfate free product which is specifically designed to hold color.

3.  Washing with hot water fades colored hair so wash and rinse with cool to lukewarm water in lieu of hot water.

4.  Avoid  hair products ( hairspray, mousse, gels) that contain alcohol.

5.   Municipal water,  unlike well water, contains chlorine and other minerals which can dry out hair.  A possible solution for this can be resolved by easilty installing an approximately  $60.00  valued  device in line with your shower head.  This device removes over 99 % of all chlorine, and other minerals responsible for drying or dulling your hair color results.  The following URLs point to the Sprint type filters  or universal systems  Some variety of these products can be obtained from your local Home Depot, or Lowes.

6.  Once a week, use a deep-treatment mask in place of your regular conditioner to really seal the outer layer of the hair cuticle.

Try these tips and you’ll be surprised how shiny, healhy looking and longer your color will last between Salon visits.