New Cool Looks Salon Products

                               Announcing  Two New Products at Cool Looks Salon

We have recently introduced a new line of Lash / Eyebrow thickener – lengthener . It has been tested amongst ourselves,  friends, and family with rave results and it is something that we think you will definetely like!  Unlike  the popular Latisse  our product is a natural product without the controversial, and possibly harmful ingredients Latisse has.  Apply it like eyeliner and that’s it!  You will instantly see results, although not proclaimed to do this,  some testers swear that they are actually experienced new hair growth aside from the thickening, and lengthening properties.  

Our second product is a Facial Skin Moisterizer Cream.  Completely natural, gentle, absorbant,  and  non-greasy ; it is gentle enough for the most allergenic person.  Our Magic Cream has been tried by many clients, and has created quite a buzz.  We will be displaying small  $5.00  .3  ounce sample sizes for you to test it out.