Skin Whitening \ Fading Cream | Ling Zhi sample contains Mercury

Significant amounts of Mercury found in sample of Locally sold Ling  Zhi whitening Cream

Many of us experience Age Spots, Skin Discolorations, Freckles, or some other blemish either by birth or environmentally that we’d like to get rid of. We  have been looking for a unique type product that addresses this , and discovered a product called Ling Zhi Whitening Cream while we were in a Oriental shop in the Northern Virginia area. This product is  popular in the Asian community, and is also heavily marketed to everyone all over on the Internet. We personally tried the product for a couple months among ourselves and sure enough  freckles, and age spots  faded significantly. The product felt  smooth on the skin, and left the skin glowing.  We actually were considering reccommending the product  to others but first wanted to test this product before even considering  to promote  this product for the Salon.

Ling Zhi Whitening Creme comes in an attractive gold box, the label claims it is made in Japan??? , the ingredients are not listed? Due to the many reports of the possibility of Mercury present in Whitening\Fading products like this,we ordered a home test kit by Osumex to test for Mercury and tested it ourselves. The product instantly tested positive for Mercury exceeding 2 ppm ( maximum on the color chart scale of the home test). These results indicated some Mercury was present, but did not tell us the actual amount of Mercury in this product.  To obtain an exact amount, Cool Looks Salon  decided to contract Microbac Lab services to do extensive Mercury tests on a sample of this product, so we sent them our sample in their mailer kit . About 5 days later we were E-Mailed  an 8 page analysis document. The end results were deeply concerning!!! It was found that this sample contained 15,000 ppm or 1.5 % of the ingredients of this Whitening Cream was some kind of mercury compound. What makes these results so profound is the FDA prohibits the use of mercury in cosmetics and will only allow less than 1 part per million (0.0001 percent) To state it frankly this sample of product contained 15,000 times the amount legally permittted by the FDA!

 Mercury compounds are readily absorbed through the skin on topical application and tend to accumulate in the body. They may cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, or neurotoxic manifestations, and other issues. Mercury by itself, is known to hinder the appearance of blemishes by de-activating melanin production, but when the use stops, the blemishes will  return to the state they were before. In short, if this sample truly represents an accurate assesment of this product, then we suggest to look  for alternative much saferWhitening \ Fading products that are Mercury free! 

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